Our Hour of Power on the Born to Talk Show

  Recently, we were invited guests on the Born To Talk podcast show (LISTEN). During the hour, we addressed the powerful mission of Walk The Ridge, as well as the many benefits of civility when engaging others. Earlier in the day, I had the pleasure of a face-to-face...

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Female Incivility in the Workplace – Surprising New Study

A recent study has cast new light on the growing impact of female related incivility in the workplace.   Women report more rudeness from their female coworkers than male colleagues. This from a cumulative study recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology....

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Civility is a WE-thing…that BEGINS as a ME-thing

Civility a WE thing. It is more than policies, professionalism and 'mere promises'. It's ready to be put into action per workplace core values and personal accountability. Since posting our last two articles (HERE and HERE), the Walk The Ridge movement has received a...

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Reflections From Israel on Respect and Inclusion

THIS ARTICLE REPRINTED from Tim Ebner at Associations Now. Original article is HERE. Civility, mutual respect, and inclusion are often core values that bind members together. But do you practice what you preach? Here’s how associations can foster a deeper sense of...

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Wake Up America! This Is What Civility Looks and Sounds Like!

Wake Up America! A powerful piece which was read by nearly 120,000 viewers. [VIDEO of exchange included] Better listening, a willingness to truly want to understand, and a focus on communicative civility. Collectively this triad is the proverbial 'golden spike of the...

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Podcast Features Walk The Ridge (and Civility)

We had the privilege of being interviewed on the podcast Powell to the People - per health and all things positive. It is sent out (through its parent network) to 1.5 million listeners. CLICK THIS SHOW LINK or button below to listen. Yesterday, we have the privilege...

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Beach Reporter Features WALK THE RIDGE

[ Beach Reporter ] - Over the past few years, Manhattan Beach residents Nellie and Steve Ambrose grew weary of the incivility in their personal lives, in business, on television and especially on social media. While intolerance along political lines has been...

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Walk The Ridge is a movement that promotes the daily practice of respect & civility between people with different views & ideologies. COPYRIGHT 2018 - All Rights Reserved